Franchised Workshops Expect Business Expansion



The majority of franchised workshops in the UK expect their business to expand by 2015, according to new data released by Castrol Professional.

Optimism about the coming two years was expressed by 70% of franchised workshops compared to 60% in 2011.

The research suggests that 41% of franchised dealerships saw an increase in workshop turnover compared to 2010.

Of the dealerships surveyed, 39% recorded no change in turnover, while just 20 per cent saw a decrease.

But franchised workshops’ share of the oil change market has decreased for the third successive year, from 28% to 27%t, continuing a long-term fall in share to independent workshops, which currently hold 68% of the market.

“That the majority of franchised workshops in the UK are seeing increases in turnover is encouraging, and this is clearly contributing to increasing optimism amongst dealerships,” says Jo Clayton, Castrol franchised workshop marketing manager – UK & Ireland.


“However, aftersales departments need to ensure that they give themselves the best chance of contributing to the anticipated continued uplift in fortunes over the coming years,” he added.




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