What Is Included In A Car Service?


BodyKraft Ltd What is included in a car service?As part of our Car Maintenance series, we are going to find out what is included in a car service.


Do you know what a car service includes? As a result of not knowing, you could find yourself paying more for a car service that was probably not due for several thousand miles!


Let’s face it, we could all do with paying less for motoring costs than we have to! Why pay more, right?


So to try and help out, we’ve wrote this article on whats included in different types of car service and when to have it done.

when should i change my oil?


Our post When Should I Change My Oil? touches on the subject of services, but this article is a more in-depth look at what is included.


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When Should I Change My Oil?

What is oil for?



Engine oil is used to keep all the internal moving parts lubricated and help keep components from overheating. Changing oil is an extremely important part of keeping your engine in good condition and is often done as part of a ‘service’.




What is a service on a car?


Basically a service is a series of checks made on a car to ensure it is safe, roadworthy and working at optimum performance. Every car has its own servicing schedule – which you can usually find in your owner’s manual or service book – and this should be followed in order to ensure your car lasts as long as possible.

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How Can Driverless Cars Interact With Pedestrians?

google self-driving car

Google Self-Driving Car

A lot of research is going into how autonomous (driverless) cars react to their environment. This includes being able to navigate roads, read street signs, and interpret traffic lights, even in bad lighting and inclement weather.


But that’s the easy part; unlike people, roadway infrastructure doesn’t really change much and is rather predictable. The difficulty comes from self-driving cars having to figuring out the nuances that human drivers take for granted, such as communicating with pedestrians on a busy city street.


Through subtle cues such as eye contact and hand signals, we can usually tell whether a person at a crosswalk has acknowledged that we’re heading their way in a two-ton moving hunk of metal. An experienced driver can decode a pedestrian’s intent through just body language


When you add in factors such as age (is it a teen or senior citizen crossing the street?), and time of day, or weather conditions (Does that person under an umbrella in a downpour even see me?), the decision process for self-driving cars gets infinitely more complicated.

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