Are You Winter Ready?

WinterSo, Winter is nearly here already and as Britain is unpredictable weather wise, it’s best to be as prepared as possible!


Are you Winter Ready yet? Have you prepared your vehicle and yourself for whatever Winter has to throw at you? If not, read on for a few Winter Ready Tips!


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When bad weather is on the way, don’t forget to prepare yourself just incase you get stuck somewhere – sounds really obvious but how many times have you ‘popped out’ for a few minutes and then been surprised by traffic or weather? How many times have you ‘popped out’ without a proper coat or hat and scarf, thinking you were only going to be a few minutes and ended up taking longer and ended up getting freezing cold?


So make sure you have warm clothes, coat – preferably waterproof, hat, scarf, gloves, boots or wellies to keep warm and dry. If you are going somewhere you just can’t wear a big heavy coat or wellies, put them in the boot of your car instead! Ladies, we all love heels but they are definitely no good in the snow!

If you are taking a longer journey, take a flask – preferably with tea, coffee, soup or hot chocolate… we don’t recommend a flask of alcohol if you are driving (even if it does warm you up)!


Fill your car boot with a Winter Kit:

Pack a bag or box with a few things just incase you need them – better safe than sorry right?

  • Phone & charger;
  • Sat nav, map, notes of addresses;
  • First-aid kit;
  • Any medicine you regularly take;
  • Blanket or rug;
  • Warning triangle;
  • Spare bulbs;
  • Flask & a few snacks;
  • Bottled water – for you and for the car;
  • Waterproof coat;
  • Boots or wellies;
  • Ice scraper;
  • De-icer;
  • Spade;
  • Sunglasses – the sun reflecting off the snow can be quite strong;
  • Jump leads;
  • Tow rope;
  • Reflective jacket;
  • Torch & batteries;
  • Cardboard or carpet cut-offs – place under wheels for grip in snow & ice;
  • Salt or sand for clearing ice – you can even try cat litter!
  • Snow chains;
  • Screen wash;
  • Breakdown contact details or membership details.



Another obvious but easily forgotten tip is to check your vehicle! Check it over often and especially before journeys.

  • Check your lights – make sure they all work and pack some spare bulbs;
  • Check the battery – a battery that is over 5 years old can be more unreliable in the cold;
  • Check your fuel – don’t leave the tank too empty incase you get stuck in traffic;
  • Check tyres – you must have at least 1.6mm tread anyway but 3mm will give you better grip. Check your own tread by using a 20p coin – if the coin rim is covered by the tyre tread your tyres are probably fine;
  • Check anti-freeze – check the coolant level regularly and top-up with a mixture of the correct type of antifreeze if need be;
  • Check windscreen & wipers – check it’s clean and clear as possible, check the wipers are sufficient if not, change them;
  • Check screen wash – a mix of 50% screen wash will help reduce freezing;
  • Check locks and seals – use WD40 or similar on locks to keep them frost free, a great tip is to use Vaseline around door seals to stop them freezing shut!


If you are unsure how to check the above or need something replacing, bring your car into us and we will give you a free no obligation quote on the work that needs to be done to keep you safe!

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