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If you're looking here, the chances are you've been involved in an accident in your car and if so, you've probably already had more problems than you thought possible trying to get the repairs sorted. The main aim at BodyKraft is to ensure that accident damaged vehicles are repaired to manufacturer approved standards whilst ensuring controlled costs to it's clients, combined with a seamless customer journey. We aim to be honest with regards to cost at all opportunities, thus creating an ethical repair process that reduces cost and build trust with our customers. Why not call in and get a free no obligation quote on any repairs - we might be able to save you money!

Not only will we repair your accident damaged vehicle to a high standard, provide you with a courtesy car and have your car valeted – we will even guarantee all our work for a minimum of 12 months!
With most of our staff being ATA accredited and all of our branches being granted the BSI Kitemark™ license in respect of PAS 125:2011, you can be assured of excellent quality repairs and an exceptional service.
Many of the major insurance companies have awarded us Approved Repairer status and our VBRA Consumer Code of Practice is approved by The Trading Standards Institute.

My Dad has a very old car which is his "pride and joy". Unfortunately it was recently discovered that it had a significant rust problem and was unlikely to pass the MOT. My Dad obtained various quotes from local garages, all of which were disproportionate to the price and age of car and as such was considering scrapping the vehicle. I advised him to speak to Mike at BodyKraft who spoke to my Dad almost immediately and an appointment was made for him to go and see the car at my parent's premises, which was extremely useful for my Dad. BodyKraft gave him an extremely reasonable quote and he instructed them to carry out the work. Due to that the car passed it's MOT, he is absolutely delighted with this! I would recommend BodyKraft to family and friends.

A. Bradley